KyungRi confessed her good feeling on TWICE's Sana on TV interview.

Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like. Like draws like. As all these sayings show, lovely girls fancy lovely girls. KyungRi of 9MUSES expressed her favor of Sana on interview. The reporter asked KyungRi which junior idols does she want to be closer with and KyungRi answered it's Sana. She told that Sana is too cute to her eyes, so she wants to be Sana's mate. Also, KyugRi already revealed that she is a fan of Sana on KyungRi's twitter. How cute both of them are! Fans are anticipating dramatic meeting between them soon. Just seeing Sana and KyungRi together will make us happy. Let's wait for Sana and KyungRi to meet each other! 


KyungRi Of 9MUSES Wants To Become TWICE Sana's Friend

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