9MUSES had their 2nd concert recently and fans who attended the event had a heart attack by KyungRi.

We use the word "Girl Crush" when we are flushed by a girl or her actions. Girls have a pixie hair, looking handsome, girls looking great in suits and tie, girls being real gentle or tough make the girl crush moments. 

KyungRi, in their 2nd concert, sang 'Who's Your Mama' originally sung by JYP with KeumJo. While they were dancing, KyungRi tried to kiss KeumJo and KeumJo backed away in surprise and looked shy. KyungRi gave a wide grin looking at her being shy then continues the song. 

This moment isn't explainable with words... You just gotta watch it first.

Her playful actions are just so fluttering and flirty!!! Though you may be straight, let's not lie about how we felt watching that moment...

I guess it's not usually a person we flush at, but their actions, the ideal actions that we want to experience as well! Lucky KeumJo! 

This moment really went viral in KyungRi's fan cafe, especially to women. 

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