LABOUM's SolBin recently recorded her feature on KBS's "Happy Together 3" and showcased a side of her that no one's ever seen before!

Just yesterday, SolBin had uploaded a sweet message to the "Happy Together 3" family, "I'm so honored to feature on the show that I've enjoyed watching ever since I was young. So happy that I got to film with such good seniors and juniors! Catch our episode this Thursday at 11:10 pm!" In the featured photo, SolBin posed beautifully with MCs Yoo JaeSeok, Jeon HyunMoo, Jo SeHo and her best friend, GFriend's YeRin.

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SolBin featured on "Happy Together 3"'s special episode that welcomed various girl group members to "survive until the end". SNSD's Sunny, EXID's SolJi, Melody Day's ChaHee, GFriend's YeRin, gugudan's SeJeong and more girl group idols were at the filming. As the representative of LABOUM, SolBin showed of her youthful and bright image. What surprised everyone that day was SolBin's dorky carefree personality that was the complete opposite of her serene and gentle image on stage

LABOUM's SolBin Steals the Show at "Happy Together 3"

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SolBin's been busy hosting KBS's "Music Bank", featuring on movies, dramas, advertisements, and most recently preparing her comeback with the LABOUM members. LABOUM will be returning with their 1st Mini-Album on the 23rd.

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