The girl group LABOUM's member YulHee and FTISLAND's Choi MinHwan are the topic due to a series of photos.

On September 21st, YulHee uploaded several photos and sentences indicating that she and FTISLAND's Choi MinHwan are dating on her official Facebook account all by her self. She posted, "10 minutes before our separation. Fidgeting as I don't wannna let him go, I almost cried. Seeing him on photos makes me breathe though ♥ D-9". 

On photos she posted, there are a man who look like FTISLAND's MinHwan and YulHee posing tenderly and touchy-feely affection with him. YulHee eliminated those pictures and sentences immediately, but already got spread by fans. Netizens are guessing that YulHee muddled the official one with the private one and made a mistake. 


LABOUM YulHee & FTISLAND MinHwan's Dating Photos Get Spilled

YulHee's SNS

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