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On December 5th, it was reported that LADIES CODE will be returning as a group at the end of the year with a season song.

According to insiders, it was revealed that they will be releasing a new song that fits the end of the year theme.

Previously in October 2016, LADIES CODE released their album “STRANG3R” and it has been 2 years since fans see them returning as a group. As such, fans are very happy and delighted to see that the girls will be returning soon.

LADIES CODE To Return With A Season Song After 2 Years

Ladies Code Facebook

More details about the song has yet to be released but fans are already anticipating as they believe that it is going to be great as usual.

Aside from group activities, the members have been focusing on individual schedules, such as Ashley releasing her solo album with title track ‘HERE WITH ME’ and SoJung being featured in MIND YOU ‘Love Me’.

Are you excited for their return?


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