Lai Kuan Lin’s Reasons to Terminate His Contract

Oh YeonSeo, “Love with Flaws” Drama Set Behind-the-Scene



Lai Kuan Lin’s Reasons to Terminate His Contract

Oh YeonSeo, “Love with Flaws” Drama Set Behind-the-Scene
Jorge Ramos

Kpop is becoming more and more popular in America and it’s easy to know why. If you are into NFL wagering, you probably heard rumors of BTS being possible headliners of Superbowl NFL show in next edition or recently Jay Park being announced as part of EA Madden 2020 soundtrack.

However, the popular Korean music genre also has its own share of drama. We talk about Lai Kuan Lin’s and the contract termination story.

Lai Kuan Lin’s father has finally come forward in order to explain the reasons behind his termination of the contract with “Cube Entertainment”, explaining that the 17-year-old was not satisfied with his working conditions, according to Taiwanese media.



On the page, AllKPop is a little extract of what he said, explaining that although they were “grateful to Cube for the great opportunity”, there were some problems while working together, problems that came even from the contract and it “included issues regarding the child’s health among other things”. And signs off saying that “as a father I want my son to work in a good environment”.

The artist’s been working under contract for both Hot Idol (in China) and Cube (in Korea), and is normal to see him travel from one place to the other in order to make promotions.

Let’s not forget he’s been the face of Mango TV, a Chinese app and has been working for many brands such as L’Oréal. It is worth saying that the last time he entered Korea, his manager was absent, and despite what’s currently happening with Cube, he’s still working with Hot Idol. In fact, back in January he was casted as the male lead in the Series “A Little Thing Called First Love”.

The company is still to respond to the father’s words since the decision to terminate was taken on Lai Kuan Lin’s behalf. However, the agency did come out to comment in public a few days ago, because of the rumors, laying out a short but very clear statement.

The statement said: “A cause for exclusive contract termination has not occurred between the agency and Lai Kuan Lin. From Lai Kuan Lin’s debut to the present, the company has always fulfilled its duty, our duty as an agency for him to become an artist that receives love from the public. However, if there are groundless allegations being made about the company, we plan to actively respond through legal action.”



Let’s remember ourselves that all happen very suddenly, and the request was confirmed to be unilateral according to Koreaboo. Lai Kuan Lin’s ascent to success has been pretty abrupt, and at a very young age, the now-former Wanna One, got to be part of the group as he came seventh on the show Produce 101.

Cube Entertainment has a little history with cases kind of similar to this. The company founded in 2006 (under the name Playcube, Inc.) has faced many changes, some of which have caused incidents and unwanted situations, as we talked about a couple years ago in this article here in Kpopmap.

One of the most important and shocking cases was what happened to G.NA, The Canada born singer had a contract with Cube that was about to expire at the time and the company did nothing about when rumors appeared on why the agency did that. Later it came to light that she was allegedly selling herself for prostitution.

Another important case, covered by the BBC is what happened to HyunA (Kim Hyun-Ah), former Wonder Girls (2007), who in 2018 had her contract terminated by Cube. It happened due to her sentimental involvement with Pentagon’s bandmate E’Dawn, the relationship had 2 years at the time.

After their relationship was confirmed for both of them in an interview on live TV, the company canceled all their immediate events including concerts and fan meet-ups. And after two months they terminated her contract for “Loss of Trust” and ended an 8-year-old working relationship with the artist.

There’s still a lot know about what’s going to happen with Lai Kuan Lin’s situation with the Cube, and how’s the agency going to manage it.