It looks like Lai KuanLin will be continuing his promotion under Cube Entertainment.

On Nov. 21, it was announced by Seoul Central District Court that they had dismissed the request of Lai KuanLin's lawsuit for contract termination against Cube Entertainment back in July. This means that Lai KuanLin will still be signed under Cube Entertainment.

Lai KuanLin Loses Contract Termination Lawsuit With Cube Entertainment

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According to Cube Entertainment, they welcome the decision by the court and there will be no contract termination between the company and Lai KuanLin. They are also planning on working together to come up with solutions through various methods.

Adding on, the agency also apologised to Lai KuanLin's fans for the recent happenings and aimed to become a better agency that would provide for their trainees and artists.

Previously, Lai KuanLin had filed a lawsuit against Cube Entertainment for selling the management rights to a third party, causing him to lose trust in the agency.


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Lai KuanLin
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