Singer Roy Kim, who is currently being scrutinized by the South Korean public after being revealed to have been a participant of Jung JoonYoung's chat room where the distribution of explicit videos that were filmed through hidden cameras were taking place, recently arrived in South Korea to be investigated regarding whether he was involved in distributing the videos.

Upon his arrival in front of the police station, he made a public apology with a solemn expression that showed signs of uneasiness and nervousness.

During an interview on CBS, a lawyer discussed various points about the current case regarding the scandals surrounding Jung JoonYoung, Eddy Kim, and Roy Kim.

The lawyer identified as Mr. Baek, stated:

"With guys like Jung JoonYoung, it's obviously a strike out. He blatantly committed crimes that the public most likely won't forgive him for in the future. He filmed women without their consent, and distributed those videos to third parties. What he did has serious legal consequences. We don't know for sure what Roy Kim and Eddy Kim uploaded in the chat rooms at the moment, but based on what the public has been saying, they were explicit photos that they found on the internet. And what they did also can be categorized as a crime based on our laws. The particular law that they violated is applied when the viewers of the explicit content feel offended, in their case, if the participants in the chat room that were in with them felt offended by what they uploaded. The consequences of their crime is usually a sentence that is less than a year, which usually ends up in reprieve, and a potential fine that amounts to anywhere below $10,000. Basically, their crimes are very petty and not serious in comparison to other crimes. In fact, the police usually don't even take any action if the crime is about only two photos. It is a crime that average citizens would most likely be pardoned with a warning, but the fact is that these two (Roy Kim & Eddy Kim) are dealing with a much bigger weight of seriousness due to the simple fact that they did it in the same chat room with Jung JoonYoung."

In short, the crime that Roy Kim and Eddy Kim committed is actually one that the police usually don't bother investigating, but is being heavily exaggerated because they are connected to Jung JoonYoung.

The lawyer also stated that there have been serious consequences for people uploading thousands of explicit contents, but not for just a couple of photos.

Roy Kim is currently being investigated by the police as it is still unclear whether he distributed hidden camera videos with Jung JoonYoung. If investigations prove that he distributed hidden camera videos, he will most definitely face similar legal consequences as Jung JoonYoung and may end up being expelled from Georgetown University as the university's policies state that sexual misbehavior could lead to expulsion.

Eddy Kim's agency confirmed that he was in the chat room with Jung JoonYoung but was not involved in distributing hidden camera videos. He has switched his Instagram account to private, triggering criticisms from the South Korean public as they took it as a sign that he is running away without making any apologies.


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