Veteran singer, Lee ChaeYeon, caused up a riot among EXO-Ls during her visit to EXO's latest concert.

On May 28th, EXO held their “The EXO’rDIUM” encore concert at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. Among the hundreds of attendees was Lee ChaeYeon and her friends. However, she was criticized for her behavior as a concert-goer when she was reportedly eating snacks and drinking during the concert. EXO-Ls were farther furious when she left the concert with her friends even before the concert had officially ended.

ChaeYeon took to Instagram to apologize for her behavior. She uploaded a black photo with the caption explaining, "I was an inconsiderate concert attendee. I didn't think. I'm sorry. I acknowledge my bad behaviors. I will think of this as a lesson to be learned, and will act better in the future."

Although the senior artist to EXO apologized, it appears that EXO-Ls will not be letting go of the matter soon.



Lee ChaeYeon Apologizes To EXO For Her Rude Behavior

Chaeyeon Instagram



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