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AB6IX member Lee DaeHwi, known also for being one of the iconic members of former K-Pop boy group Wanna Onehas two main things that irks him.

But before we go on, can we just say that he's absolutely one of the most adorable idols out there in the scene?

He has such a small delicate face that has is really a masterpiece of a sculpture!


And he can also dance like a true champ as well!


And he can also speak English very well as well! (Around 4:42)


So what are two things that Lee DaeHwi dislikes? Well, two things that he revealed before in a talk show in the past, were related to texting.

The first thing he dislikes is when people he's texting with is when they give very bland answers such as "ㅇㅇ".

In Korean texting, it is the equivalent to responding by saying "cool", "yeah", or "okay". He stated that if someone responds to him in such a manner, it makes him want to just cut ties with the person in a joking way.

Lee DaeHwi Hates It When People Do These Two Things



And the other thing he really dislikes is, when people just write "ㅋ".

When using the Korean alphabet "ㅋ", it's to express laughter, and the more "ㅋ's" there are, the bigger the laughter. But clearly, just one is not enough for Lee DaeHwi.

He stated that when someone responds in such a manner, it doesn't feel like they are laughing because they are enjoying the conversation but he feels that the person is laughing "at" him in a condescending way.

Lee DaeHwi Hates It When People Do These Two Things



Lee DaeHwi

Lee DaeHwi

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