Wanna One Official

On Jan. 16, it was reported by Korean media outlet, News 1, that Lee DaeHwi produced a song for Yoon JiSung's upcoming solo debut album.

Since Mnet "Produce 101" Season 2, Lee DaeHwi has proved and showed off his song producing skills. It was also recognised by the trainers on the shows as well as impressed many viewers. As such, many have high expectations for the upcoming track that Yoon JiSung will be singing to.

It was said that Yoon JiSung's solo album will be released in February.

Lee DaeHwi and Yoon JiSung will be participating as members of Wanna One for the last time on Jan. 24 to 27 for their disband concert "2019 Wanna One Concert Therefore".

Are you looking forward to listen to the song too?


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