Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Lee JaeHoon

Lee JaeHoon is one of the actors who is dearly loved by acting abilities. 

It’s undeniable that his odd face catches one’s attention at first rather than his acting capability. When I say odd, it means that he’s got the mask of both the evil and the pure. When he seems to be on an interview or is acting out a bright persona, he resembles the cutest puppy in the world. However, as soon as he puts on the mask of the evil, his cutest eye changes into the scariest and the coldest ones. After being surprised by such contradicting personas his face can show, then it’s time to be surprised by how well he can melt himself to various characters and it’s not only his face that does the magic but his tones and smallest gestures as well. 

After falling so deeply in love with Lee JaeHoon and his talent, we may be curious about what kind of woman would such talented actor dream of?  

Lee JaeHoon‘s Ideal Type Compilation

Lee JaeHoon: I want to meet someone who’s got a similar taste with me in music and movie. Sadly, I don’t really have a power of leading on conversations or entertain another, so it’s pretty important for me to meet someone who I have a great flow in conversation without trying so hard. Also, I would like someone who’s got a bright hope for the future and keeps dreaming on.

Lee JaeHoon is known to be one of the workaholic actors and he told this himself that he hasn’t been in a relationship for almost 4 years now. Maybe it’s a good time for him to meet somebody nice 🙂

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Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Joo Won

JooWon first got famous because of his resemblance in look to Kang DongWon, another actor who is famous for his Greek god look. However, his fame for the resemblance faded soon. Why?  Because he had too much charm of his own to be just recognized as ‘a guy who looks alike with Kang DongWon’.

JooWon took several different roles in dramas and he was able to express the characters very well. Either a bad guy or a good guy, he made the public love him and his character. Also, as he started to be distinguished with Kang DongWon, people started to see clear differences between the two. While Kang DongWon was more of the perfection, looking quite cold, JooWon had warmth in his face with his cutest shy smile. 

His cute shy smile comes from his real personality of being shy. So, what do you think this shy guy sees in looking for his ideal type?

JooWon‘s Ideal Type Compilation

 JooWon: I fall for people who are really kind, almost angelic. I don’t like bad girl types, push and pull kind of things.  I can identify whether one is a nice person by looking at how she treats elders. Also, I would like my woman to have some tummy. A little fat in the stomach looks adorable to me. Lastly, I prefer pants over skirts and I don’t care about the height. 

He is currently in a romantic relationship with BoA. Do you think she is his ideal type? Though she may not have any fat on her tummy, they make a pretty cute couple!

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Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Yoo YeonSeok

Yoo YeonSeok, familiar to us as  “Chilbongee” in the TV drama “Reply 1994”, is a rising star both in movie and drama industry, as well as in our hearts.   

Yoo YeonSeok has an odd face. Sometimes he looks so kind and gentle, but the second he frowns or smirks, he turns into a bad guy. He is one of the actors who are capable of acting out the both good and the bad. It’s not only his acting skills and capability we love about him. He is famous for his broad shoulders and fair skin tone.  Also, his real personality seems to be the typical good guy. He looks and said himself that he is not the macho type of guy, rather quite feminine.  

Now, we do wonder, having such a “feminine” personality for a guy, what would his ideal type be? Tough woman? Or someone just like him? 


Yoo YeonSeok‘s Ideal Type Compilation 

Yoo YeonSeok: I fall for someone who has an amazing smile. I don’t really care how one looks objectively, but someone who looks beautiful when smiling. Since I like a person with a great smile, I’d like someone who will laugh at my joke. It’d be hurtful is she doesn’t laugh at what I’ve prepared. Also, I feel attracted to someone who knows their charms and knows how to appeal it. 

Yoo YeonSeok, Korean Actor, Yoo YeonSeok Ideal Type, Reply 1994, Korean Actor Ideal Type


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