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Lee JeHoon is getting much attention from the public as he is the main actor in the popular drama “Where Stars Land“ (SBS).

On an online community, a netizen uploaded an old picture of the actor with the title "Lee JeHoon in the past was very handsome".

In the released picture, Lee JeHoon is smiling widely and he also looks very similar to now. The actor looks adorable and cute.

Lee JeHoon Past Picture Caught The Attention Of Netizens

Online Community

Netizens commented "JeHoon is handsome", "Wow so great", etc. Netizens had various reactions on the past and present handsomeness of the actor.

You can find more pictures of the actor on his Instagram below.

How do you find the picture? Do you like the actor's acting?


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Oct 31, 2018 09:52 pm