The drama “Where Stars Land“ (SBS) starring Chae SooBin and Lee JeHoon is popular and has great ratings in Korea. It is a human melodrama telling the stories of employees at Incheon Airport.

The two main leads' love story moves on and they both had a kiss scene. A viewer uploaded a GIF of both actors on the behind of the scene of this scene.

After the kiss scene, Lee JeHoon is seen sweetly patting on the back of Chae SooBin while smiling. The actors' chemistry is very sweet and Lee JeHoon looks quite shy.

You can have a look at the whole interaction from 2:20.

Netizens commented "He is very shy after the kissing scene. I love how he patted Chae SooBin's back after the kiss, he is very gentleman", "My heart is fluttering even more because he patted her", "He looks so flushed over a kiss scene hahaha while Chae SooBin seems like really a cool girl", "So cute", etc.

It seems that Lee JeHoon is not only sweet on screen but also off screen.

Do you find it sweet too?


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Feb 3, 2021 03:02 am

Very sweet couple 💓