Lee JinWoo, The “Produce X 101” Trainee Who Is Good At Keeping Secrets



Lee JinWoo from Maroo Entertainment brought much fun to the viewers of “Produce X 101” in the latest episode.

On an online community, netizens noticed this moment of the latest episode when Lee JinWoo is calling his mother.

During the filming of “Produce X 101” trainees must keep some things confidential and must not give any spoilers. Before he called, he has been told: “Don’t spoil anything related to the show”. Here is the conversation.

lee jinwoo produce, produce X 101


lee jinwoo produce, produce X 101


Mother: When can I call you?

Lee JinWoo: Uh … Uh … I can’t tell you that

Mother: Really?

Lee JinWoo: Uh

Mother: What time do you sleep?

Lee JinWoo: That, I can’t tell you

Mother: Uh. Do you all sleep together or are you alone?

Lee JinWoo: I can’t tell you that either. Just watch the show when it airs.

Lee JinWoo is 16 (Korean age) and he proved that he is kind and innocent by listening -too much (?)- to the staff’s words. He brought laughter to the viewers with his cute repetitive “I can’t tell you”.

Do you also find him adorable?


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