Lee JongSeok, a Korean actor, confessed that he has trouble discussing on fan meeting with YG entertainment in his Instagram.

Lee JongSeok expressed his complains on private fan meeting. He posted, "I have planned a private fan meeting for those who had waited for fan meeting." and "However, YG's each department has too high self-esteem to communicate with me...Maybe fan meeting can be delayed till next year. There's discord between me and performing department.". In other words, he revealed that the disharmony with YG entertainment is the reason why the fan meeting is delayed. Lastly, he apologized, "Sorry for making you wait. I will notice here ASAP!". 

Meanwhile, the movie, VIP, where Lee JongSeok appeared will be released on August 24th. The drama "While you're Sleeping" with Suzy is planned to be aired in September. 

Lee JongSeok Reveals Disharmony With YG On His Instagram

Lee JongSeok's Instagram


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