Lee JongSuk And Shin HyeSun Teasing Fans On The Set Of The Most Awaited Drama “Hymn Of Death”



Lee JongSuk And Shin HyeSun Teasing Fans On The Set Of The Most Awaited Drama “Hymn Of Death”

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Lee JongSuk's Instagram / Shin HyeSun's Instragram

Many fans are waiting for the drama “Hymn Of Death”! Lee JongSuk and Shin HyeSun will be acting in this short drama of two episodes that takes place in Korea of the 1920s. It tells the love story of Korea’s first soprano Yun SimDeok and genius playwright Kim WooJin.

Not much is revealed yet on the drama however the actors give some glimpse at it with Instagram pictures.  Both actors filmed the episodes in April and May.

Shin HyeSun uploaded a picture of her singing on a stage. The actress is a soprano wearing a superb 1920’s dress.


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Lee JongSuk uploaded at several times pictures of the set since April. He recently uploaded a new behind the set picture of him standing by the police station with his suit stained with blood. Lee JongSuk is brightly smiling to the camera with the perfect pose.


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Fans commented, “I am waiting for the drama”, “Love the style”, “You look cool”, etc. He received great love and support from Korean and international fans. The actor already received more than 1,345,450 likes (as for August 13th, 12:12 PM KST).

For more information about the drama you can check our cast and summary, here.

Fans are impatiently waiting for SBS to announce premiere broadcasting day.


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Hope they will announce the premiere date soon!


Love LJS CF too ?


Waiting patiently. Love LJS and all his dramas n films. ?