YG Ent.

Actor Lee JongSuk entered YG Entertainment with an exclusive contract in May 2016. His contract end on the coming 31st, he decided to change of agency.

YG Entertainment is the agency of actors Lee SooHyuk, Nam JooHyuk, Yoo InNa, etc. During his contract, Lee JongSuk made different statements about his agency such as the food of the cafeteria or some remarks related to his fan meeting. YG Entertainment made that video last December for the actor.

The agency says they discussed with the actor to renew the contract but he decided not to. They added that they will support him in the future.

As a Hallyu star, he got many offers from other companies. He is in talk to move with YNK Entertainment. This agency is the home of Shin HyeSun, the actress who will be acting with him in his new drama: "Hymn of death" (SBS 2018).


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