Lee JoonGi's Instagram

Lee JoonGi gained much muscles!

On the 22nd on his Instagram, he uploaded 3 pictures.

The actor shared pictures of his arms and chest. He is flexing his arms and showing his muscles to his fans. His charming look and the look in his eyes made the heart of his fans flutter.


All those muscles come from recent sport. Last year, he also showed a muscular body but not as huge as today. Let's have a look at the evolution of the actor's muscles.

This is the current muscule situation of the actor.


This picture is from August 2017.


These pictures are from January 2017.



This picture is from September 2016.


He seems to have done a lot of sport!

Fans commented "You were handsome before but you seem even more now", "Wow, love those muscles, my heart is fluttering", others were praising his hard efforts.

The actor is currently in the drama "Lawless Lawyer".


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