The word “pretty boy” started to be used in Korea with the screening of the movie “King and the Clown” starring Lee JoonGi. 

The pretty boy syndrome basically started with Lee JoonGi, for he was extremely beautiful in a neutral way. He had every masculine feature but his overall aura was soft as women’s. He gave such a huge impact on the overall idea of gender back then. The image of a beautiful man stayed with him for a couple of years until he was able to break into another image. He had no trouble acting out diverse roles, so he was able to move on easily from being stuck into one image.

So, for those who are curious about works Lee JoonGi did after being the official pretty boy of Korea, here is his profile that will tell you everything!


Lee JoonGi Profile

Years Active: 2001-

(Namoo Actors)

Lee JoonGi Profile: The Starter of “Pretty Boy” Syndrome Now A Macho

Namoo Actors Entertainment

Lee JoonGi Profile: The Starter of “Pretty Boy” Syndrome Now A Macho


Lee JoonGi

Birthday: 1982.04.17

Family: Parents & Younger Sister

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Academic Status: B.A in Action in Seoul Ars College



2004 – Hotel Venus (Japanese Movie)

 – Flying Boys

2005 – The King and the Clown

2006 – Fly Daddy

2007 – May 18

 – First Snow

2016 – Never Said Goodbye

2017 – Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (Special Guest)



2003 – Non-Stop 4 (Special Guest)

2004 – Star’s Echo

 – Drama Special: What Should I Do?

 2005 – My Girl

2006 – Say Yes (Special Guest)

2007 – Time Between Dog and Wolf

2008 – Illjimae

2009 – Hero

2012 – Arang and the Magistrate

2013 – Two Weeks

2014 – Gunman in Joseun

2015 – Scholar Who Walks the Night

2016 – Moon Lovers Scarlet Hearts Rye

 – 7 First Kisses

2017 – Criminal Mind

2018 – Lawless Lawyer


Gunman in Joseun


Moon Lovers Scarlet Hearts Rye



Criminal Mind


Lawless Lawyer 


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he is one of the hansome actors of korean industry . his acting is great, and his smile tells everthing.