Lee KwangSoo and Song JoongKi were the funny, yet sweet couple from "Running Man".

However, KwangSoo seemed to be the only one who was in love while JoongKi moved on. The heart breaking news of Song JoongKi's marriage plans with Song HyeKyo has left a big scar on KwangSoo's heart, who wasn't ready for their breakup. 

What do we do when we break up in state of still being in love? We dig our past memories with our ex. Apparently, he did the same and unfortunately left a Tweet showing his longings and hurt feelings toward JoongKi.

Lee KwangSoo Heart Broken by His Ex Lover, JoongKi's Betrayal

Lee GwangSoo Instagram

It's always so heart breaking to see one of the couple being in love though they cannot be together anymore. 

It's not only KwangSoo, but a number of  fans of both actor who were heart broken by the news. Some were even quite furious for lying to them for two years denying their relationships. A lot of comments on their marriage was being curious about the reason of their denial for the past years.

However, though fans seem a bit mad with their past actions, they still wish for the best for the lovely couple.

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