Lee MinHo's YouTube Channel

MINOZ had happy news! Actor Lee MinHo just opened his YouTube Channel and already posted two videos.

The first episode released on Oct. 30 is a flashback on Lee MinHo's dramas and popularity.

While the first episode is more on Lee MinHo's career and success, and on how he is a charismatic and hardworking actor, the second episode released on Nov. 1 is lighter and about the actor's daily life.

In this new episode, Lee MinHo is seen going out at night to have a drive and walk (with English subtitles). Fans can have a glimpse of the daily life of the actor who is having fun.

Prior to the opening of his channel, he held a vote on his Instagram account to decide on the design of his channel named Lee MinHo Film.


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your choice?

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If you are not yet subscribed to his channel you can here: leeminho film.

Lee MinHo is cast as the lead actor of Apple TV+ drama "Pachinko" and filming already started.

Are you looking forward to his next video?


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