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Lee SuHyun, one of the trainee from Produce 101 Season 1 will be joining Jeon MinJu, a participant in KPop Star 6 and debut as a group.

Jeon MinJu was loved by fans through KPop Star and wanted to be on stage since then. She said that she is so grateful to debut and have opportunity to sing in front of her fans again. She will be joining HYWY Girls, a group which Lee SuHyun from Produce 101 was in.

Lee SuHyun, though she did not make it to I.O.I , was dearly loved by fans through the program since she had a lot of talents.

Another member of the group, Kim EunBi, was also famously known for having a great voice as well. Fans call the group “Avengers”, since all members, even before the debut, were proven of their talent.

Lee SuHyun from Produce 101 and Jeon MinJu of KPop Star 6 Working Together as a Team

HYWY_Girls Twitter

HYWY Girls will be debuting on June with 5 members, and they are working on their album currently.

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