LeeTeuk to Be the Next MC for EBS “Best Secrets to Cooking”

Super Junior’s LeeTeuk will take KwangHee’s place in hosting EBS’ “Best Secrets to Cooking”.

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According to sources on 12th, due to army enlistment, KwangHee will be leaving the show “Best Secrets to Cooking”, and LeeTeuk will be taking his place as the MC of the show. LeeTeuk has shown his talking skills in numerous shows before, but this will be his first time showing off his cooking skills.

Representative of the show said, “We anticipate for LeeTeuk’s unique talking skills to make the show more fun. As a newbie to cooking, his cooking skills will grow together with the viewers.”

“Best Secrets to Cooking” with LeeTeuk on it will broadcast from January 30th, 10:50 AM KST.

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Super Junior to Return in 2017

Group Super Junior will be making a comeback in the second half of the year.

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Super Junior, according to sources, currently have an album planned for the second half of the year. Without special circumstances preventing it, they will be releasing a song between August, when their member SiWon finishes his military duty, and the end of the year.

Currently, members LeeTeuk, Kim HeeChul, YeSung, KangIn, ShinDong, and SungMin have finished their military duties, and EunHyuk and Donghae will finish in July, and Choi Siwon will finish in August.

RyeoWook, who went to perform his military duties in last October, will return in 2018. KyuHyun is scheduled to go this year, but they are still planning to release a new album when most of the members are present in between August and December.

Fans are already anticipating for their album after two years, since their 10th anniversary special album part two “MAGIC”.

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SM Artists and LOUIS VUITTON Makes a Promise

SM artists work with LOUIS VUITTON for #makeapromise day.

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SM Entertainment artists and models, that have paired up with UNICEF Korea, wore LOUIS VUITTON’s “Silver Lockit” necklaces and bracelets for the 1st year anniversary of “#makeapromise” campaign. #Makeapromise campaign is a “promise for children” campaign that provides emergency aids to children in urgent need.

SM Artists have previously participated in LOUIS VUITTON and UNICEF Korea for the launching of their partnership project. Total of 20 artists including NCT, EXO, SHINee, Super Junior-M, Red Velvet, F(x), and SNSD participated in the photos for “#makeapromise” campaign. 

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