In case you aren't aware, Happy Face Entertainment has currently waged war against K-Pop entertainment giant YG Entertainment.

It all started when YG Entertainment ultimately refused to go on with debut plans with Happy Face Entertainment trainees, who some of were the winning participants of the survival program MIXNINE. After discovering that there would be no debut taking place, Happy Face Entertainment began a legal battle against YG as they felt that the decision made by the latter was unfair.

It has been speculated that the main reason why YG Entertainment didn't keep the promise of debuting the winners of the survival program 'MIXNINE' was due to low viewer ratings of the show. And YG's stance from the beginning was that they simply did not have any legal obligations to ensure that trainees debuted.

During a session in court today, a legal representative of Happy Face Entertainment asked

"Under the scenario where 'YG Treasure Box' has low viewer ratings, does YG then have no legal obligation to debut their trainees?"

However, YG Entertainment's legal representatives responded by pointing out that the question actually didn't have anything to do with the current case. They stated

"This question has a different motive behind it other than dealing with what is at hand at the moment. The question is irrelevant to the case."

Happy Face Entertainment has also released a statement regarding their agenda, saying that the case is not just about the unfair treatment they received during MIXNINE but also an effort to fight corporate power that should no longer dictate the industry at their own will.

The next court session is scheduled to take place on January 16th, 2019.

Stay tuned for updates!


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