Legendary Photos Of Korean Female Celebs That Will Never Forgotten

Irene, SeoHyun, Irene legendary photo, Red Velvet, SNSD

Here are some ‘famous’ photos for making Korean female top stars be on those positions.

 Everyone must have dreamed about your own best shot of your life. Just like us, for female celebrities, the best shot works as a dream because those photos can make them popular or even change their lives as stars in good ways. Also, If a photo hit a jackpot, the main character of the photo will be on everyone’s lips like “Ah, that beautiful/ sexy / cute woman!”. Do you remember Son NaEun of Apink wearing Adidas leggings? After she got popular for her perfect look with leggings, the same leggings were called as “Son NaEun leggings” and sold like hot cake in Korea. There are more pictures that made female celebrities hot AF. Let’s look at who got those legendary pictures!

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1. Irene of Red Velvet

This photo hit the jackpot among Korean fans and made her nickname “Cool tone princess”

Irene, 2017 Irene, Irene legendary photo, Red Velvet

you and me, now



2. Lee Young Ae (actress)

Lee YoungAe looks perfect in this photo even taken by news reporter who usually ugly pictures of celeb.

Lee YoungAe, Korean actress, Lee YoungAe legendary photo




3. SeoHyun of SNSD

The picture of SeoHyun was mentioned a lot among K-Pop fans like”I didn’t know how beautiful SeoHyun is till RN”

SeoHyun, SNSD, SNSD SeoHyun, SeoHyun legendary photo




4. Kang MinKyung of  DAVICHI

This photo stole bunch of men’s heart for Kang MinKyung sexy body shape.

Kang MinKyng, DAVICHI, DAVICHI Kang MinKyung, Kang MinKyung legendary photo

Nate Pann



5. Hani of EXID

EXO Kai’s fan took Hani’s photo and it made a hit. Netizens said she needs to be thankful for Kai’s fan for this legendary photo.

Hani, EXID, 2017 HANI, Hani legendary photo




6. Han SeungYeon of KARA

Bet you can’t help but keep watching Han SeungYeon’s cute performance. This hit jackpot on some Korean communities, being called as ‘fairy SeungYeon’

GIF Han SeungYeon, KARA, Han SeoungYeon legendary photo



 7. Kim SaRang (actress)

This photo was taken at runaway stage. This photo produced a suspicion on if she is a angel or something. 

Kim SaRang, 2017 Kim Sarang,

Nate Pann



8. Kim GoEun (actress)

Before Kim GoEun threw the ball at the opening of a baseball game, camera captured her cute and beautiful smile.





9. Krystal of F(X)

A goddess, Krystal survived even at her high school graduate celebration. She showed no ugliness at all.

Krystal, f(x) Krystal, 2017 Krystal, Krystal legendary photo, Krystal school uniform




10. KyungRee of Nine Muses

This GIF is famous for making lots of people into KyungRee’s fans. Anyone who ever looks at this must fall for her.