EXID Hani was on “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” with Kim YoungMan, a famous comedian in the 90s.

“Let’s Eat Dinner Together” says Hani of EXID

Sports Chosun

Hani is well known to love food and eats while making people want to have a bite when they look at her. Despite her thin shape, she showed her dearest affection for diverse dishes, sometimes even forgetting that she was on air, and just kept eating.

She is again on a show where they look for restaurants with great dishes with her co-visitor and the hosts, who are famous comedians in their 50s. Although she is very young, she was able to mingle well with them. The staffs said that she had her own special energy to even lead the three comedians even though she was just a guest.

They are known to visit BukChon, a famous place in Seoul for keeping the old life style until now.

The show will be aired on March 22nd, at 10 p.m. in Korean time.

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