Welcome to the third part of our interview with actor Choe ChanYi (Part 1 and 2).

At Kpopmap, we had the chance to interview actor Choe ChanYi. For fans, the actor took a lot of his time and effort to answer our questions. Fans can feel his passion for his character and the drama as well as his genuine and kind heart in his answers. For sure, you will also tell his taste for beautiful expressions. 

We've divided the interview into three parts. Don't miss the previous part as the actor is sharing a lot about him, how he got to act in a BL, his character in "Light on Me", his favorite scene, his favorite couple, his chemistry with fellow actors, and more. 



It seems like you are often posting meaningful lines from books on your social media. Last year you posted, “There was this night. A night I want to lean on people”. When do you personally want to rely on people?

A night I want to lean on people …. To be honest, I have an independent personality, so I don't lean or rely on anyone. Because I feel like I'm bothering someone else, and I'm not sure that the person can fully understand my mind. I want to lean on someone when I can be the most me and that must be when I am with my family. They are the person I spend the most time with. They are the person I love, and they are the ones that understand my weaknesses the most. So I feel I will want to lean the most on my family.


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On a daily basis, you read a lot of books, and you've learned by yourself how to play the guitar. Your hobbies are very diverse, and you seem to spend your free time really well. Do you have any new hobbies or experiences?

These days, I like taking pictures with an automatic film camera. I thought that a lot of people took pictures or videos of me. But I didn't take many pictures of the people I like and the people surrounding me. So I am already using my 3rd film. I take pictures and develop them. I am happy working on this, and I am planning on sticking these photos to my album. After all, my surrounding is my life too.

"Light On Me" Actor Choe ChanYi Talks About His Hobbies & Has A Lovely Message To Overseas Fans (Part 3) | Exclusive Interview

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Are there any songs you want to listen to with fans, or if you have a playlist, please share them!

I really love the songs of Kim KwangSeok. In addition, for overseas artists, I like Bruno Mars. My playlist is full of their songs.
I want to listen to Yun Ddan Ddan's 'Lean on you' with fans.


You've chosen “About Time” as your favorite movie. If you were the lead character of "About Time" when would you go back in time?

I want to go back to elementary school. I think time to time that if I had devoted myself to acting since then, I would maybe have been able to give more details in playing the character of Shin DaOn.

"Light On Me" Actor Choe ChanYi Talks About His Hobbies & Has A Lovely Message To Overseas Fans (Part 3) | Exclusive Interview

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You've recently advised Rose Braised Spicy Chicken with Vegetables (Jjimdak) as a late-night snack to actor Ko WooJin who you act with in “Light on Me”. Is there any late-night food you would like to recommend to overseas fans?

I always used to advise Neoguri Ramyun before. However, my favorite food changed a few weeks ago. Now, it is Malatang because I discover how delicious it is and how it makes people happy. So I will advise Malatang.



We heard you are making an appearance in Season 3 of "Best Mistake", which previous seasons have accumulated over 200 million views. Can you explain a bit about "Best Mistake" Season 3 to the overseas waiting, and can you share your feelings about your casting?

First of all, thank you for waiting for this season 3. I don't know if it is okay to live with so much love, it's always so warm!
The title for the Season 3 is different. It is "When I Fell In Love With The Bullies" ("일진에게 반했을 때"). [The Korean title of the first two seasons are "When You're On The Blacklist Of Bullies" ("일진에게 찍혔을 때")]. I will leave it to the talk about the title because the rest might be spoilers.
Please look forward to the third season and give it a lot of love! Also please give a lot of love for the story of Jung JiSung! Thank you.

"Light On Me" Actor Choe ChanYi Talks About His Hobbies & Has A Lovely Message To Overseas Fans (Part 3) | Exclusive Interview

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What are your plans and goals?

I will be 28-year-old (Korean age) next year. I think that time goes by very quickly. It's been a long time, but time feels so short... I have no great and grandiose plans or goals. I just don't want to be forgotten by viewers.
I think my plan is to always be in front of viewers with diverse and good acting. I am learning a lot project after project, so I think this is meaningful, and I'm always excited. Sometimes, I am anxious and afraid -it is like walking on a tightrope – but thanks to all the people who support me, I'm happy and have a great time acting. Thanks to all this love you are giving me, I can only work even more. I will continue to work hard on my acting with all my strength. Please look forward to my diverse acting and please support me, thank you 😊.

"Light On Me" Actor Choe ChanYi Talks About His Hobbies & Has A Lovely Message To Overseas Fans (Part 3) | Exclusive Interview

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Words for overseas fans

Is there any words you would like to say to overseas fans who are supporting you?

I'm a bit embarrassed to call myself an actor because I am such a rookie, but thanks to you all who look after my acting and support and love me, I can continue to act as an actor. By filming “Light on Me” this time and by doing interviews, there is a sentence that is engraved in my mind as I refined and wrote down my thoughts.
"Love has no fixed form" ["사랑에 모양은 정해져 있지 않다."].
It might be the story of “Light on Me” but also a sentence that we can put into account in each of our lives. It can be the form of love for my family, for my friend, and the love I have for you, everyone. I am not sure how my shape of love for you appeals to you. It would be great if you can remember it as a big and deep love.

"Light On Me" Actor Choe ChanYi Talks About His Hobbies & Has A Lovely Message To Overseas Fans (Part 3) | Exclusive Interview

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Thank you for loving and showing interest in not only Shin DaOn but also the person Choe ChanYi. Thank you for loving “Light on Me”. Thank you for loving Shin DaOn.
Thanks to the different forms of love you are showing me, my heart is warm every day. “Light on Me” might have ended but the life of Choe ChanYi is going on, as well as my acting career. Please show me love ❤.
Because of COVID-19, life is not easy, let's hang in there until we can meet! I want to meet you all at least once! I really sincerely care for you all, I love you all ❤.


Thank you for reading the interview until the end. Kpopmap is wishing the best to Choe ChanYi in his future! ❤

If you have yet to read part 1 and part 2, make sure to do so.


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