Once you watch SunMi's 'Gashina' performance over, you must fall for it. There's no exception for idols, either.

In this summer, SunMi's charismatic 'Gashina' performance hit the jack pot of K-Pop world. Everywhere you go, you could hear the melody of 'Gashina' any time. 'Gashina' is loved by not only many fans but also artists including idols themselves. 

Maybe, choreography and performance of 'Gashina' is so stunning and attractive somehow, fans has asked to their bias or idols to cover it. Most of the time, It happens at the fan meeting, where you can talk to idols in person. 

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Find out your bias' lovely cover on 'Gashina'.  First of all, for those who have not seen the original 'Gashina' of SunMi, you can see it, below. 



1. Wanna One's Park JiHoon


2. Wanna One's Ong SeongWu


3. Wanna One's Kang Daniel


4. Wanna One's Lai KuanLin


5. Wanna One's Lee DaeHwi


6. Weki Meki's DoYeon


7. Weki Mek's YooJung


8. IU


9. EXO's ChanYeol


10. BTOB's Jung IlHoon


11. Jung SeWoon


12. NCT's Johnny


13. Gugudan's Kang Mina


14. NU'EST's JongHyun


15. B1A4



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