List Of K-Pop Male Idols Whose Handwriting Are So Cute AF

You can check out who has the most cutest handwriting as much as their cute faces here!

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One of the famous streotype is about the handwriting. When it comes to sex, Female is known to have a better handwriting ability than male. Whatever the scientific truth is, we don’t expect good handwriting from boys, right? However, some of them, especially K-Pop male idols revealed their nice handwriting, and it surprised us. They are all written in Korean so maybe you can’t understand what they are saying, but still, you can figure out whether they wrote well or not in just style of handwriting. Let’s choose who wrote in the most cutest way! 

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1. XiuMin of EXO

XiuMin, EXO,


XiuMin, EXO, XiuMin Handwriting

Nate Pann


2.  V of BTS








Nate Pann




4. Rap Monster of BTS


BTS’ twitter

Rap Monster

BTS’s twitter


5. SeungKwan of SEVENTEEN






6. Yoon DuJun of HIGHLIGHT




Whose handwriting is your favorite?

List of K-Pop Idols’ Cutest AF Two-Letter Nicknames

Here’s a list of K-Pop idols’ lovely nicknames which consist of only 2 syllables.

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Fans love to call their lovely idols with lovely nicknames. When it comes to cute nicknames, loveliness of calling them by thier nicknames gets bigger and bigger. Just like when you call your lover with short and catchy nickname, even only action of calling makes you happy. Also, sometimes, those nicknames of lovers makes lovers themselves cuter and lovelier. Clever K-Pop fans made several cutest nicknames for their idols. Among them, some were named after idols’ real name. Or some of them are made just because of their looks. Below, check out your idols’ nicknames!


1. BTS‘s V – TaeTae

BTS, V, BTS V, 2017 V

december boy


2. SNSD‘s TaeYeon – DdaeDdae

TaeYeon, SNSD, SNSD TaeYeon, 2017 TaeYeon



3. BTOB‘s Yook SungJae – DyeDye

Yook SungJae, BTOB, BTOB Yook SungJae, 2017 YookSungJae

cube entertainment


4. EXO‘s D.O – DdooDdoo

DO, EXO, EXO DO, 2017 DO

Nate Pann


5. Jessica – DyuDyu

Jessica, 2017 Jessica,



6. BIGBANG‘s SeungRi – RiRi

SeungRi, BIGBANG, BIGBANG SeungRi, 2017 SeungRi



7. EXO‘s Kai – NiNi

Kai, EXO, EXO Kai, 2017 Kai



8. SNSD‘s YoonA– PangPang

YoonA, SNSD, SNSD YoonA, 2017 YoonA

Nate Pann


9. VIXX‘s N – ChaCha

VIXX, N, VIXX N, 2017 N



10. BTS‘s JiMin – ChimChim

JiMin, BTS, BTS JiMin, 2017 JiMin


BIGBANG’s T.O.P Officially Apologizes For Smoking Marijuana In Handwritten Letter

T.O.P  of BIG BANG apologizes for smoking marijuana in handwritten letter through YG’s official blog.

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 T.O.P apologized for smoking marijuana in handwritten letter through YG’s official blog on June 4th. He recently tested positive for marijuana and admitted to the charges.

Here is his letter.

BIGBANB, BIGBANG 2017, TOP 2017, TOP Marijuana


BIGBANB, BIGBANG 2017, TOP 2017, TOP Marijuana

YG official blog

“This is Choi Seung Hyun. First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize for your disappointments with my wrong actions. I am too ashamed of myself to even stand  in front of everyone to apologize. I have no excuse. I feel very regretful and fearful now, but I dare write such letters to you… Our members, my agency, the public… my fans and my family, all those who have supported me, I left irreparable scar in everyone’s hearts. I believe I deserve to be punished. I am very ashamed of myself with all my heart for causing you such pain. I will reflect on my wrong actions deeply. Once more, I apologize for not being able to apologize to everyone personally, I am really ashamed of myself. I am deeply sorry.”


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Cute ‘Good Bye’ Autograph Letters from Unnies Members

Project idol group Unnies‘ s members expressed sadness of disbanding through their lovely autograph letters. Here’s photos and translation of them.

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All the members of Unnies revealed their sorrow of good-bye on letters because Unnies finished their project girl group activity with the last show on 26th of May.  Let’s take a look at what they said to fans!


Dear my ‘DongSangs’ (which means younger sisters in Korean) ~♡

Today I am your Unnie and Noona (which both mean older sister in Korean) even though I am younger than you actually. 

Thank you for your support and lovely wishes toward Unnies.

I’ll never forget. Thnx you fans of Unnies for making me unforgettable memories!

♥ love yall ♥ “

SoMi, unnies, ioi, 2017 somi




2. Minzy 

“Unnies ♡ Dongsangs (which is the fandom’s name of Unnies)

Thank you so much for much love toward us 🙂

Thinking about the time we had together!

I will keep those time deep in my mind

I love you and I will remember you 

minzy, unnies, 2017 minzy



3. Hong JinYoung

“Hey Dongsangs~ 

I’m so happy enough to fall down into a faint for your amazing love!!

I’ll never forget forever 🙁 ♥

Unnies & Dongsangs both have done well ♡”




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