List Of Female K-Pop Idols Wearing The Rabbit Hat

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List Of Female K-Pop Idols Wearing The Rabbit Hat

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Did you notice that recently many idols have been wearing a rabbit hat with moving ears? Apparently, it is a very popular item for fans to give their idols to wear because of how adorable it is!

Most of the time idols happen to wear them during fansigns as it is the time when they are able to interact fully with their fans and also receive gifts from them.

Kpopmap has compiled a list of female idols who were seen wearing it. Find out if your favorite idol is here!


#1 AOA‘s SeolHyun


#2 Apink‘s HaYoung




#4 BLACKPINK’s Jennie


#5 CLC‘s YuJin


#6 fromis_9‘s Noh JiSun


#7 fromis_9’s Jang GyuRi


#8 Gfriend‘s YeRin


#9 IU


#10 IZ*ONE‘s Jang WonYoung


#11 Lovelyz‘s JiSu


#12 MOMOLAND‘s Nancy


#13 OH MY GIRL‘s Binnie


#14 Red Velvet‘s Joy


#15 Red Velvet’s Wendy


#16 SunMi


#17 WJSN‘s BoNa


#18 WJSN’s LuDa


#19 April‘s NaEun


#20 Weki Meki‘s Choi YooJung


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Its obvious that Nayeon, Binnie and Lisa are the cutest rabbits ever!!!

But Nancy – my goodness, what a BUNNY!!!