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Just a day ago, Kpopmap wrote an article on female K-Pop idols wearing the rabbit hat and this time we have also come up with a list of male K-Pop idols wearing them!

Most of the time idols happen to wear them during fansigns as it is the time when they are able to interact fully with their fans and also receive gifts from them. Sometimes, these idols also seem to be liking how adorable the hat is when their 'ears' move!

Find out who they are!


#1 EXO's SuHo


#2 Wanna One's Ong SeongWoo


#3&4 NCT's RenJun and Mark


#5 VIXX's Leo


#6 ATEEZ's ChoiSan


#7 NCT's JiSung


#8 Kim DongHan


#9 WINNER's JinU


#10 iKON's Jay


#11 BTOB's EunKwang


#12 JBJ95's Kim SangKyun


#13 JBJ95's Kenta


#14 Stray Kids' I.N


#15 THE BOYZ's Joo HakNyeon


#16 MONSTA X's I.M


#17 MXM's Lim YoungMin


#18 EXO's Xiumin


#19 MONSTA X's HyungWon


#20 MONSTA X's MinHyuk


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Nov 25, 2018 01:01 am

Key (Kim Kibum) from SHINee wore the Rabbit Hat too!