Though idols are extra- careful in front of cameras or in front of the audiences, it's hard to hide the littlest habits they have.

Their adorable habits make fans fall in love with them more, but some habits make fans worry about the idol. Small habits are well-noticed by fans than the idol oneself because she or he don't actually think before doing such actions while fans have big interested eyes on them.

Do you know any habits of your idols? If you haven't noticed any, here are some of the habitual moments caught by fans!

G-Dragon of Big Bang

Littlest Habits Fans Caught Idols Showing Unconsciously

DC Gallery / Instiz

In the past, he bought a lot of worries from fans because of his habit of biting nails. It is said that his mother always hopes for him to cut his nail, not bite them off. However, from the point when he started to paint his nails with anti-biting manicure and just an ordinary manicures, he didn't bite his nails anymore.


Xiumin of EXO

Littlest Habits Fans Caught Idols Showing Unconsciously

Favorite Thing / Shade Bloom / Chanyolita / DC Gallery

Xiumin has a unique way to have his hand hanging. It's called the "Chicken Feet" for it looks like the skinny boned feet of chickens. Fans caught numerous moments where he had his hand making the chicken feet.


SeHun of EXO

Littlest Habits Fans Caught Idols Showing Unconsciously

UIMANUNA / DongKyung Sonyun / Hyper Beat / diamant

One of the unique habits of SeHun is pressing his lips tight. He told on air that he started to have such habit since middle school.


DaHyun of TWICE

Littlest Habits Fans Caught Idols Showing Unconsciously

M Wave / DC Gallery / Choigodahyun

DaHyun has a habit of tilting her head to sides. She also had this habit since she was young. Though it looks unbearably cute, fans are worried if such posture may give her neck-ache someday.


Irene of Red Velvet

Irene has a habit of raising one eyebrow. Fans caught a lot of moments where only one eyebrow went up and down.


Yook SungJae of BTOB

Littlest Habits Fans Caught Idols Showing Unconsciously

Mnet / Starry Moment / YSJHOLIC / BTOBSTORY


SinB of GFriend

The cutest habit of SinB is to hide her snacks in the belly portion of her pants or skirt. Members are so used to her hiding snacks inside her that they just go straight to her pants to find snacks.

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Oct 21, 2019 09:38 pm

dahyun always covers her face with her hair when she's embarassed