5 members of TEENTOP has decided to renew contracts with TOP Media.

On 9th, TOP Media announced that “5 members of TEENTOP has decided to renew contracts with TOP Media. They still had time remaining in their contract, expiring in January 2018, but decided to renew last December.”

As for L.Joe, they stated “We were discussing with L.Joe as there was still time left in the contract, but he has notified us that he will file for nullification of contract for individual activities.”

The conflict between TOP and L.Joe began last year when L.Joe expressed his desire to stand on his own. The actions the company took afterwards seemed to purposely hinder L.Joe and his solo activities. When L.Joe was offered a role in a drama, with a pay that suited his level of popularity and short acting career, the company did not follow through on the offer. According to a personnel that was involved in the process, when A drama asked L.Joe to appear on their drama, the company called for 7 times the offer and the offer was taken back. 

TEENTOP was in the midst of preparing for an album release in March. With time still remaining in their contract, fans hope that all 6 members will participate in the March album.

L.Joe Files to Nullify Contract, Other 5 Members to Remain with TOP Media


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