LOONA Greets Fans For The First Time With All 12 Members



LOONA Greets Fans For The First Time With All 12 Members

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LOONA greeted their fans through “PREMIER GREETING – Line & Up” on June 2nd and 3rd for the first time with all 12 members.

The girls begin the performance with their sub-unit, LOONA Odd Eye Circle, and followed by the next sub-unit LOONA 1/3. They also played games and had talking session among the members.

In addition to that, members YeoJin and HeeJin performed their solo track ‘Kiss Later’ and ‘ViViD’ respectively for the first time in front of their fans. It was known that YeoJin was unable to join sub-unit group promotion previously.

Furthermore, to hype up the atmosphere even more, LOONA yyxy performed their recently debuted album “beauty&thebeat” with title track ‘love4eva’. They debuted on May 30th.

LOONA Greets Fans For The First Time With All 12 Members

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As expected by fans who went for the premiere greeting, LOONA performed on stage with all 12 members. They received tremendous cheering and applause from the fans.

At the end of the premiere greeting, the fans also caused the girls to break into tears with a fan-made slogan event.

Member Choerry commented that she was very thankful for fans who have waited for such a long time. She continued by saying that they have been doing their best with solo activities and sub-unit promotions but emphasized that it was just the ‘warm up’. She asked fans to wait for a while longer and promised that they will repay and come back with an even better image.

LOONA revealed their first member with HeeJin back in October 2016 and revealed the last member Olivia Hye in May 2018. It is expected that they will begin their promotion as a whole unit in no time.

Currently, LOONA yyxy is promoting their song ‘love4eva’.


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