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LOONA has recently released 'So What' back in February, and it seems that they've also caught the attention of a prominent figure within the K-Pop industry.

SM Entertainment's Lee SooMan has expressed his support and admiration for the girl group, as he played a big role in the production of the girl group's album, '#'. SM Entertainment however, has denied that Lee SooMan would be making a hefty financial investment to the girl group.

LOONA's interview with Arirang K-Pop's 'Pops in Seoul', revealed a few things about what was on the members' mind regarding themes, concepts, and difficulties they had while working on their latest release.

Group member Olivia Hye stated that it was steaming hot during the filming of the 'So What' MV. The outfits that they were wearing apparently didn't seem to help, which is why they drank a ton of ice water and had cool towels wrapped around their necks.


You can check out the full interview below.



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