Lovelyz's YeIn may not be Ready in time for the group's "R U Ready?" comeback promotions due to an injury.

According to various news sources, Jung YeIn of Lovelyz has suffered an ankle injury and is currently getting treatment at a local hospital. YeIn has been put into a supportive cast for her ankle and is resting. The exact effects of her injury has yet to be clearly defined.

The injury news comes just a week before the group's new comeback with their 2nd album, "R U Ready?". Woollim Entertainment has been dropping comeback teasers for over a week as the fans anxiously awaited the group's new album to drop on February 27th.

With such high expectations, it appears that the idol had overworked herself in her efforts to be more than prepared to face their fans again. Sources say that YeIn is just in a fit of regret as the fans find it a pity that she had to suffer such a fate due to her commitment to do better.

Woollim Entertainment released an official statement saying, "Jung YeIn suffered an ankle injury while practicing. We'll have to keep watch to find out the exact details of the injury, but YeIn is currently resting for the artist's safety." They continued, "We are still unsure whether Jung YeIn will be able to participate in the group's upcoming promotional activities. Since her health is most important, we will decide after reviewing her status later on."

Although it is uncertain whether YeIn will be able to attend, Lovelyz will be hosting their "R U Ready?" showcase on the 27th as planned.


Lovelyz's YeIn Might Have to Skip Out on "R U Ready?" Comeback

Woollim Entertainment

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