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Recently it was revealed through an episode on "The Manager" that actor Gong Myung, who is currently appearing in the historical drama "Lovers of the Red Sky" is close friends with rising star Jung HoYeon, who most recently appeared in "Squid Game", making her acting debut in the industry. 

The episode we're talking about in particular is episode 170, where Gong Myung visits Jung HoYeon at her father's gukbap restaurant to satisfy his cravings with his manager after a photo shoot. His manager shares that Gong Myung had spoken highly of the place earlier and suggests they go there for a meal. 

At the restaurant, it is revealed that the restaurant belongs to Jung HoYeon's family! The actress herself couldn't stop gushing about it either! HoYeon's father eventually came up himself to take HoYeon and her friends' orders. Everyone had the heartiest meals, giving viewers a mukbang worth watching.

"Lovers Of The Red Sky" Actor Gong Myung Reveals His Close Friendship With "Squid Game" Actress Jung HoYeon

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Gong Myung further shared that the two got close because of "One The Woman" actress Lee HaNee. He later video called her and she called back even though she was at work, showing her love for both of her "favourite rising stars".

We cannot help but swoon over this interaction! Share your thoughts with Kpopmap in the comments section down below!


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