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Luna is currently receiving quite a lot of criticism online after promoting beauty products from a company known as FASCINAR.

So two main things that we should know about.

The first being netizens saying how the cushion from FASCINAR is a knock off version of Armani’s. So not exactly Luna’s fault that the product seems to be convincing netizens that it’s just an imitation of a much superior brand. Perhaps FASCINAR just didn’t think too far ahead when they decided to make these particular cushions.

The second reason why netizens and some fans are complaining is because they feel Luna is using her influence in a negative way. They’ve stated that it wasn’t very cool for her to ask her followers and fans to purchase the products.

Netizens have also stated that by doing this, Luna was bringing down her value as a celebrity since the brand FASCINAR is basically obscure and unknown.

Luna Being Criticized For Promoting Cosmetic Products That Netizens Are Labeling As Knock Offs



What do you think of the current situation?


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SM was crap support for f(x) and now she doesn’t have them anymore, let someone else give her work so that she can make more art, anything those cosmetic companies pay her can help her make good stuff