South Korean actor Ma DongSeok has become the latest celebrity to join #DebtToo movement after Microdot, DOK2, Rain, and Mamamoo member WheeIn.

The actor's father was guilty of embezzling an old acquaintance that he knew back in high school. According to reports from South Korean news agencies, it has been revealed that Ma's father took around $450,000 from the victim back in 2010.

Ma DongSeok has apologized to the public on behalf of his father's past misconduct and has also paid the debt back in full as well.

Hopefully, this will be the last of the #DebtToo movement.

Ma DongSeok The Latest Celeb To Join #DebtToo Movement After Microdot, DOK2, Rain, And Mamamoo WheeIn

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Nov 30, 2018 02:49 am

This has to be the worse most misleading articles about #DebtToo ive read....only half the story is there,his father was found guilty and sentenced to 2yrs imprisonment which was reduced due to his age so its not like the other recent stories where the parents have run off plus ALL the debt($440,000) has already been repaid so why the hell is it even a #DebtToo issue,there is no debt as its been paid..