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Do you like video games? Even if you don’t, you might be drag into this one quickly.

In Korea, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is very popular, played solo, with friends or in couples, all Koreans enjoy the games. The same goes for Korean idols!

While playing, you might encounter your favorite idol!


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Quick Introduction

To explain the game in one sentence: be the last one to survive. You will have understood it is a survival game played in solo or in team. The game starts as you (or your team) are parachute onto an island (three different islands are available). You have to get equipment (helmet, armor, etc) and guns (and bullets). The battle ground area decreases from time to time, forcing the players to have more fights.

The game was developed and published by a Korean firm. The game is available online with PC, Xbox, and phone. It also received awards as well as positive reviews.

Be aware that the game includes violence and blood and is not suitable for all the audience.

You can check the trailer of the game below.


Idols Playing The Game

It is well known that EXO‘s BaekHyun plays the game. On his Instagram, he uploaded several screenshots. On this one, he is the winner of this round and killed 20 people.

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A post shared by BaekHyun. (@baekhyunee_exo) on

On this one too, he killed 20 people and was first in the round.

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A post shared by BaekHyun. (@baekhyunee_exo) on

On this one, he was also first and killed 19 people.

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VIXX‘s Ken also is playing the game. Fans would have heard him say that he got the first place in a round of the game. In the video below, he is explaining to fans the game.

B1A4‘s GongChan is also playing the game, he is part of the team that uploaded this video.

JBJ member before disbandment, now solo Jin LongGuo has broadcasted on V-Live him playing the game.

Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel received this outfit from the game at a fansign, the boy looked very happy about it. Daniel said that he is playing the game too.

Made In Korea: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, The Video Game Played By Many Idols


Actor Nam JooHyuk too plays the game.

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Jung JoonYoung is now a pro-gamer of the game in the team KONGDOO. You can check the video below.

Hong JinYoung is also very much into the game, she released videos of her playing on her Instagram and YouTube.

More Korean celebrities are playing the game too.


More Information About The Game

If you want to play, you can look up on YouTube since there are plenty of introduction to the games for beginners.

The game also recently opened a new island, smaller for more fights, you can check the trailer below.

If you want more information about the game you can also consult their official website.

Do you want to play?


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