Leave it to the ladies of K-Pop to stay on-trend when it comes to social media. Not only do they keep their social networks completely well-managed, but their photo editing is on point, right down to the coolest of filters.

Lately, we've been noticing that more and more of our favorite idols are taking pictures that appear as if they were almost taken from an old school disposable camera. However, we were totally shocked to find out that that wasn't the case at all - they were actually all taken with the latest Korean camera app, Gudak Cam.


Made In Korea: K-Pop Idols' Favorite "Gudak Cam" App

Gudak Cam

The name of the app comes from the Korean word 'gudagdali' - a term for outdated items, and the interface of the app itself looks as if it was taken directly from a 90's disposable camera. The experience of using the app is just like a disposable camera as well.

Users of the app are only given 24 photos they're allowed to take with the app every 12 hours. Unlike other camera apps, they are not able to preview the image or see how it came out right away. Pictures also take up to three full days to 'develop' into your camera roll, meaning you get the same thrill of anticipation you experience on family vacations back in the day.


Made In Korea: K-Pop Idols' Favorite "Gudak Cam" App

Gudak Cam


We've been having a lot of fun seeing how our favorite idols were able to play with the app considering its strict analog-esque parameters. Here are our favorite Gudak Cam images from girl groups GFRIEND, BLACKPINK, and TWICE. Doesn't the vintage effect make them look seriously stunning?







If you're interested in checking out the Gudak Cam app for yourself, it is available for iOS for only $1 USD!

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