Main Point Dances of Oh My Girl’s “A-Ing” Choreography

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Main Point Dances of Oh My Girl’s “A-Ing” Choreography

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Oh My Girl just made their comeback with “A-Ing”, and we highlight the point dances of the MV!

Our ever lovely and youthful girls, Oh My Girl has returned with a special summer album titled “Listen to My Story”! Their title track “A-ing” features a music video in pastel tones that highlight the fun of summer. Even though the girls have been on a nonstop promotion cycle since their debut, the girls gave it 100% for their music video once again. The girls are absolutely adorable as always with full of blossoming aegyo and cutesy choreography happening all throughout the music video.


Oh My Girl has always been known for their pure and girly choreography that makes you want to squeal with love. That’s why we’ve collected the main point dances in their new comeback song to celebrate their special album return! Check out our precious girls’ adorable choreography!


Oh My Girl’s “A-ing” Choreography

The Summer Vibe Dance

 [WPGP gif_id=”36042″ width=”600″]

The I Like It Dance

[WPGP gif_id=”36046″ width=”600″]  

The Sky Welcomes Me Dance

 [WPGP gif_id=”36044″ width=”600″]

The What’s the Problem Dance

 [WPGP gif_id=”36050″ width=”600″]

The Rewind Time Dance

 [WPGP gif_id=”36052″ width=”600″]

The I Couldn’t See You Yesterday Dance

 [WPGP gif_id=”36054″ width=”600″]

The Everyday is a Happy Day Dance

 [WPGP gif_id=”36068″ width=”600″]

The I Want to Fall In Your Sea of Love Dance

 [WPGP gif_id=”36062″ width=”600″]

The A-ing JoA Dance

 [WPGP gif_id=”36064″ width=”600″]

The Aegyo Dance

 [WPGP gif_id=”36066″ width=”600″]

The A-ing Dance

[WPGP gif_id=”36048″ width=”600″]

Got better names for the point dances?

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