Main Vocalists of Girl Groups Who Can Sing as Much as Solo Artists

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One of the worst prejudices of idols that idols want to break is that they cannot sing well enough to debut as a solo.

It’s true that when performing in a group lifts some weight off, however, it doesn’t mean they are not capable of singing solo. The bias started by idol groups who really didn’t have any talent to sing live. Their horrible example grew to be a prejudice judging almost all the groups. 

However, slowly, as groups who try to prove themselves of ability appeared and people started to look at them without any bias thought. Not all girls did have talent in singing, but if they couldn’t sing as much as a solo vocalist, they were able to dance or rap and try their hardest to sing at least to average. 

While there were girls who tried hard or had talent in something else, there were girls, the main vocals of groups, who completely broke the prejudices. 

1st – YuJu of GFriend


2nd – JiHyo of TWICE


3rd – Wendy of Red Velvet


4th – EunJi of Apink


5th – MinAh of Girl’s Day


6th – SolJi of EXID


7th – Solar of Mamamoo


8th – TaeYeon of SNSD

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