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"Produce X 101" Maroo Entertainment trainees, Lee JinWoo, Lee TaeSeung And Lee WooJin will be debuting under the unit group, TEEN TEEN!

On Sept. 3, Maroo Entertainment announced the group's name as well as official logo motion and mini album schedule on their official social media accounts.

Many are curious about the group name and it seems like it is made through the fact that all of them are still teenagers. Just like how they are still in their teens, they aim to become idols that provide music love by teenagers.

Aside from their name, their official logo motion also gained the attention from their fans.

The fresh and cool blue sky background seems to give off a fresh vibe and the appearance of the letters 'tt' also signifies the initials of their group name TEEN TEEN.

Last but not least, fans would be able to check out their very first mini album "VERY, ON TOP" on Sept. 18. Starting from Sept. 4, fans would also be able to take a look at their teaser photo and clips.

Make Way For Maroo Trainees Project Group 'TEEN TEEN' Debut This September

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Who else is excited to see the release of their mini album?


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Sep 18, 2019 05:18 pm

omg i cant wait, just less than one more hour till they release their debut m/v aah