Former BIGBANG member SeungRi is currently being investigated by the South Korean police after being accused of soliciting prostitutes, tax evasion, and police collusion.

One would think that beauty and styling would be the least of his concerns at the moment, but it seems that the K-Pop idol was busy visiting makeup shops before heading over to the police station. This has naturally been drawing a lot of negative responses from netizens who are already discomforted him for his alleged crimes.

Witnesses who were present in front of the police station have stated that the amount of makeup he was wearing was abnormally hefty, saying that even the majority of female celebrities never wore the amount of makeup that he did unless the were preparing for the year's biggest awards show or an important gathering.

The makeup artist who works at the shop that SeungRi visited stated:

"His heavy eye makeup can be interpreted as a sign from him saying that he did nothing wrong."

At the moment, netizens are continuing to criticize SeungRi as they feel he is not showing any signs of remorse.

Stay tuned for updates!


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