The making of AOA’s new music video filming location has been released.

On 3rd, AOA released “AOA – Bing Bing & Excuse Me Music Video Making Film” on Naver V Live.

In the video, SeolHyun is laughing while looking at an actor. SeolHyun ends up having to say “Look somewhere else.” because she’s unable to stop laughing.

This actor that was making her laugh was actor Gwak DongYeon. The two are both under the same roof of FNC Entertainment. Gwak DongYeon joined in the filming of AOA’s title song ‘Excuse Me’.

AOA has released “ANGEL’S KNOCK” on 2nd, and will be presenting the new stage for the first time on Mnet “M Countdown” on the 5th.

The Making of AOA’s 'Excuse Me' MV Revealed!

Naver V Live

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