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On September 15, 2021, the maknaes (youngest members) of GOT7, YuGyeom and BamBam posted a stylish and set of grunge-inspired black and white pictures featuring them alongside YoungJae on their personal Instagram accounts. The picture was taken in front of an AOMG building and the overarching theme seemed to be "Maknaes on top".

"Maknae on top" may have many interpretations but in K-Pop, when the youngest member of a group is pampered by their hyungs/unnis to the point that they dominate the group, they're called "maknae on top". It basically means that the maknaes run everything around them.

Maknae On Top: GOT7's YuGyeom, YoungJae And BamBam Pose In Front Of AOMG Building

YuGyeom's Instagram

YuGyeom captioned the photo "🐥🐥🐥막내쓰~~~~" or "Maknaes" whereas BamBam captioned it "Maknaes On Top #GOT7" and YoungJae shared the photo on his Instagram story. 

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With all the maknaes together at AOMG, could there be a collaboration in the works? If not, it is adorable enough to see them spending time with each other, looking as cool as always. 

Pictures like these are all the more reasons why you should follow YuGyeom, YoungJae, and BamBam on Instagram!

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