Male K-Pop Idols That Look Great With Their Heads Shaved

Shaving your head for a new bold look can sometimes be risky business.

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Facial structure and head shape are all factors that heavily determine whether a shaved head look would look optimal for each different person. Besides having to shave hair off for mandatory military service without a choice, a few certain idols seem to enjoy just doing it even when they have the freedom to rock any hairstyle they like. But there isn’t much to complain about since they look great with it anyway.



EXO D.O 2017, D.O Hairstyle, EXO D.O Hair




Zico Hairstyle, Zico 2017

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MBLAQ G.O 2017, MBLAQ 2017, G.O 2017, G.O Hairstyle

G.O Instagram


Kris (EXO Former Member)

Kris Wu 2017, Kris EXO 2017



Peniel (BTOB)

Peniel Shin 2017, Peniel 2017, BTOB 2017, BTOB Peniel 2017

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G-Dragon 2017, G-Dragon Hairstyle

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Hahn SeoHee Profile: TOP of BIG BANG’s Ex Girlfriend and Ex Drug Mate

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    It’s not been so long since TOP of BIG BANG was arrested for doing drugs. When he got caught, a new name “Hahn SeoHee” rose up to the surface. She was a trainee, entertainment not known, who did drugs with TOP.

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    As the case grew bigger, they appointed each other for who brought in the drugs. During their fierce fight over the matter, TOP’s lawyer said publicly that “he had stopped doing drugs when he broke up with the girl and that was before he went to serve the military. ” Han SeoHee was not only doing drugs with him but also having a relationship with him.

    Are you curious about TOP’s ex-girlfriend / ex-drug mate? Well, here is a profile of Hahn SeoHee, based on her SNS.


    Hahn SeoHee Profile

    Hahn SeoHee, TOP Drug Issue, TOP and Hahn SeoHee, TOP EX Girlfriend, Hahn SeoHee SNS

    SeoHee Hahn Instagram

    Hahn SeoHee

    Birthday: 1995

    Height: 166 cm

    Weight: 47 kg

    Interesting Facts)

    1. A drug mate with TOP of BIG BANG

    2. Ex-girlfriend of TOP of BIG BANG

    3. Will be debuting on January of 2018 as a girl group.

    4. Calls herself a feminist and show strong disgust in man

    5.Smokes cigarette.

    6. Seems to be born in a rich family

    7. Made it to the TOP 12 of MBC Star Audition Season 3



    Hahn SeoHee, TOP Drug Issue, TOP and Hahn SeoHee, TOP EX Girlfriend, Hahn SeoHee SNS

    SeoHee Hahn Instagram

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    ZICO Warns Netizens Producing False Rumors With SeolHyeon On Instagram

    Block B’s ZICO strongly denied the false rumor of dating scandal with SeolHyun on his Instagram.

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    A few days ago, there popped out a dating scandal of ZICO and SeolHyun, which is that they are seeing each other again recently. The rumor broke out from the Instagram story of SeolHyun, which includes a limited sneakers of Adidas with Kanye West, the American rapper and a designer. Some netizens talked that the shoes must belong to ZICO, so SeolHyun was definitely going to meet ZICO there. The reason why netiznes were claiming that was the limited sneakers have been often found in ZICO’s daily styling. 

    However, this was turned out to be just a groundless claim. The limited Kanye’s sneakers have made a huge hit around the globe and even Korean celebrities, like Yoo JaeSeok and Sleepy, enjoy to put them on usually. So, there’s no surprises if SeolHyun and ZICO have the same sneakers.

    Regard this situation, on August 22nd,  ZICO rebutted, “Do not make rumors” and “False information” on his Instagram story with the screenshot including all the articles dealing with the dating scandal of them. Judging from this, the reunion scandal of SeolHyun and ZICO seems to be false. The person directly involved, ZICO seems to have wanted there would be no more groundless, speculative articles about them. 

    zico, seolhyun, zico seolhyun again, zico seolhyun, kpop dating scandal, aoa, aoa seolhyun, block b, block b zico, zico 2017

    @Zico_Square, @seol_contact

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