Male K-Pop Idols That Look Great With Their Heads Shaved

Shaving your head for a new bold look can sometimes be risky business.

Facial structure and head shape are all factors that heavily determine whether a shaved head look would look optimal for each different person. Besides having to shave hair off for mandatory military service without a choice, a few certain idols seem to enjoy just doing it even when they have the freedom to rock any hairstyle they like. But there isn’t much to complain about since they look great with it anyway.



EXO D.O 2017, D.O Hairstyle, EXO D.O Hair




Zico Hairstyle, Zico 2017

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MBLAQ G.O 2017, MBLAQ 2017, G.O 2017, G.O Hairstyle

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Kris (EXO Former Member)

Kris Wu 2017, Kris EXO 2017



Peniel (BTOB)

Peniel Shin 2017, Peniel 2017, BTOB 2017, BTOB Peniel 2017

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G-Dragon 2017, G-Dragon Hairstyle

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