MAMAMOO member Hwasa is serious about love and relationships.

And we've all known for quite some time that Hwasa is unique in every aspect including the way she interacts with people and her personality as well.

She may look like an intimidating queen, but if you really listen to what she talks about during interviews, you'll instantly know that she has a very affectionate personality.

Just recently during an interview with the 'Cultwo Show', Hwasa discussed about how she couldn't be in a relationship if it involved chasing each other and switching roles through on out. She stated that she never hides her true feelings and is all for expressing her affections all the time. And it makes sense that she wouldn't want to date anyone who first chases after her but then suddenly pushes her away at another point.

MAMAMOO Hwasa Says She Could Never Date Anyone Who Does This Particular Thing

Cultwo Show

While some people actually look for this particular type of relationship and want the drama in their lives, Hwasa apparently will have none of it.

Oh, and on a more important note, Hwasa has also revealed that she is currently working very hard to release her next upcoming solo single after 'TWIT'.

The timeline of when it will be released has not yet been revealed, but since she herself has given her word that she's working hard on her next single, fans can expect it to drop soon.

Stay tuned for updates!


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